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Welcome to our web check-in You may check in for all journeys starting with a flight that we operate


Start check-in with your last name and booking reference or e-ticket number. Check the booking reference or e-ticket number from your e-ticket itinerary.

Journey List

Please select the journey that you want to check in for now. Check in later if your flight is not open for check-in yet. Contact check-in desk if your journey is not available for check-in online.

Passenger List

Please select the passengers that you want to check in now from the list by selecting either YES or NO for each customer. Please note that you might need to enter passport and details required by the authorities of your destination as a part of the process.


Please view your frequent flyer information and flight details. You can view the seat map with your seat information for the flights we operate by pressing Seats. Seat map for other airlines can not be viewed, your seat number is confirmed at the time of check-in.

Frequent Flyer

Update your Frequent Flyer Card details by entering the information required on this page.


The seat map allows you to view and change seats for the selected passengers. You can also view the seat allocation for other passengers in the same reservation. Scroll on the seat map with Rear and Front buttons.To change seat, first select the passenger and then a free seat.


Please select the country of your nationality from the list provided.

Regulatory Data

The authorities of the country you are travelling to or via requires regulatory information to be collected at the time of check-in.Please enter the required information now to complete your check-in.


You are requested to answer the questions for the selected passengers that are seated on exit row or security area close to those rows. Please select your answer for each question and continue. Seat may be changed for security reasons at any time by airline staff.

Security Questions

You are requested to answer the questions for the selected passengers. Please select your answer for each question and continue.


The check-in was not completely successfull. Please read the information and instruction on this screen and continue.


Please read the boarding pass information for the journey. Print it or send it by e-mail.


Your check-in is now completed. Please read information given on this page, press Finish or continue to next flights checkin by pressing Flight selection. Have a nice flight!